Most photos here are taken by me from and are some of the most beautiful places on earth. So grateful to be able to call traveling a big part of my life. Travel any chance you get, you won't regret it I promise! Being able to get out of your hometown, maybe just for a little, and experience what it may be like to live somewhere else has always been an interesting concept to me. Emerge yourself in their culture, language, and everything else that place has to offer. Even though it may feel different, uncomfortable, or challenging to throw yourself in someone else's shoes because, in fact, it is a drastic change, it has continued to prove to me just how important this skill is to have for social daily interaction and to improve our society's connection and unity. To be able to travel and experience these new things, learn from them, and bring home a piece of this new knowledge and perspective can be the new way to promote diversity and the act of embracing other cultures, lifestyles, and ethnicities, no matter what your beliefs, values, or your culture may be, because this new level of understanding and celebrating difference and new perspectives is something that this country is so desperately in need of, and may help to unite us as a society.


        I have a couple places that I consider home, but honestly, I've come to accept the fact that I can't just choose one, and maybe traveling and being able to go as you wish and have that freedom is just something I will never take for granted, and that it's okay to have multiple places that you call "home". I've been traveling since a young age, so I have always been used to being on the move all the time, but for some reason I find peace in it. It can be intimidating getting up and going to a new place, meeting new people, and being in new surroundings, but you have to be patient with yourself and accept the fact that it may be your body's way of hesitation and signaling internal fear. But remember it is okay! It may just take a day or two for your body to adjust to everything, especially if there is a time change. I'm so excited to be doing this blog and showcasing all of my photos from past travels. Traveling will change your life and shape you as a person! Enjoy!

2017: Overland Summers - Field Studies Peru - Lima, Urubamba, Cusco. 

2018: Overland Summers - Field Studies Patagonia - Buenos Aires, El Chaltén, El Calafate, Bariloche. 

2019: Overland Summers - Iceland Explorer - Reykjavík

The Bahamas: Nassau, The Exumas, Abaco. 

The Netherlands: Amsterdam, Alkmaar

Austria: Filzmoos, Zauchensee 

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